Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PayPal's Unreasonable Policy on Nonreceipt Disputes

Recently Classical Coins has been harassed by nonreceipt disputes opened only one week after order placement, by buyers who used an iPhone to place their orders.

It is disgraceful that PayPal would permit a buyer to open a dispute in such an unreasonably short time after order placement.

For all I know, these dispute claims could be an attempt to scam merchants into issuing refunds after merchandise has been sent. If that is the case,  it hasn't worked with Classical Coins. Every such dispute instead results in cancellation of the order, refund of the payment, and a notice that the buyer is now on our blacklist.

Coin dealers should beware of this tactic,  which I suspect is used by those who are up to no good.

PayPal should take constructive action to prevent nonreceipt disputes from being opened before an order could possibly have been processed, shipped and delivered. When I complained about these disputes, I received an utterly unresponsive rote reply which merely referred me to their Seller Protection Plan.

Finally I would be grateful to learn how iPhone users can be prevented from placing orders on our website. If any reader can assist, please contact me.