Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A glimpse into Amorality and Corruption

Here is a very troubling report:


Is it really necessary to comment upon such a report?

Conservative political pundits have, for many years, repeatedly alleged that the UN is a corrupt organization deceptively pursuing a left wing Socialist, if not actually Communist, oriented "new world order."

This observer believes that the UN would do well to restore public confidence that its policies and intentions are consistent with traditional American beliefs and core values.

The UN was founded upon the impetus and success of US and British arms during the Second World War. Large numbers of British and American patriots gave their lives or limbs to defeat totalitarian Fascism and make this world organization a reality.

It is now incumbent upon this embattled organization to demonstrate that their sacrifice was not in vain, and that Socialism, administered by a totalitarian bureaucracy unaccountable to voters, has not triumphed.



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