Monday, March 16, 2015

"Calling All Morons???"

CPO Calling all Morons
by Paul Barford

"It's Not Too Late ..." 
Fellow Collector: It’s not too late to post a comment that could help preserve your continued ability to purchase Roman Imperial Coins from abroad.[...]
This is followed by:
"CPO will not accept comments to this blog post"
No prizes for guessing why not. It is not too late for the numismatic professionals associations to change their lobbyist to one that does not use cheap tricks to rile up the brainless morons in the US collecting world. If he was worth half the money they pay him, Peter Tompa would explain why the particular coins that already are in the US-Italy MOU are there, and why that means that "Roman imperial coins" never will be. But he is not going to explain that, is he? Draw your own conclusions.

194 Comments Received - mostly cut-and-pasted mass mailing by the coineys saying what Peter Tompa tells them to say.


Hmm ... "... the brainless morons in the US collecting world."

It isn't Peter Tompa in his CPO blog who is "calling all morons." Mr. Tompa presents reasoned arguments and statements in plain English that intelligent persons can easily understand and make up their own minds about.

Mr. Barford presents incendiary propaganda, pursuing his "abolish private collecting" crusade in archaeology-centric doublespeak. He doesn't attempt to help intelligent persons understand all sides of the issues he comments upon. He instead (in this observer's view) only seeks to mislead and deceive them.

He falsely attempts to portray US collectors as "brainless morons." Actually quite a high percentage of them are very, very well educated and have attained far more distinction in their lives than Mr. Barford has (or ever will) in archaeology, in which field he could not even attain continued employment. 

Peter Tompa, Wayne Sayles and Arthur Houghton, all frequent targets of Barford's verbal abuse, are among these many high-achieving luminaries. As another "frequent target," this observer can feel quite comfortable in the company he keeps.

There will undoubtedly be some "brainless morons" who do need someone else to do their thinking for them. Are they US collectors, or are they those who unthinkingly swallow Mr. Barford's strident anti-collecting propaganda whole?

"Draw your own conclusions."


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