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Slaying Barford

One Detectorist's Revenge

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by Steve Taylor of Cheltenham, UK

Paul is a very intelligent  guy, and is very careful in what he writes, and usually walks a very fine line!. Problem was when he took me on, I forced him to make a few serious errors.

He had already copied and pasted a few of my video's and picture's on his blog which I sent him an invoice for, which was £500 per image, which is what I have received from  various newspapers and magazines over the years, so that is my going rate. He also acknowledged the fact in his usually mocking fashion on his blog, so he knew my fee.

3 week later he uploaded over 120 photo's from mynetalbum, which works out at £60,000, so I told him to pay me £10,000 in an out of court settlement or we go through the courts for a full settlement, that seems fair to me.

When other people have complained in the past of copyright infringements he has always claimed it was  'Fair use' and got away with it. With me it was different as he added 3 items of treasure, which were clearly not mine. He thought if he did this, I may just get me arrested for not declaring  items under the Treasure Act,  this is what they call  perverting the course of Justice or Malicious falsehoods, completely different to Fair use.

So I have him by the balls at the moment  Grin

I gave Paul the choice of downing his blog or paying me for the copyright of images he had  used, but he is now accusing me of blackmail for giving him the choice, Oh well I thought I may save him a few quid.

I also sent a message to Google to remove the images which they did, and they have a record of the infringement, but 1900 people viewed his blog so I am now going for damages and copyright infringement big time.


"Barford Slayer" is going a bit far, because the man is still alive -- but Steve Taylor remains the only detectorist to ever have shut Barford up, which he did for about two months in the fall of 2011.

Steve is also renowned in detectorist circles as the composer (and performer) of The Barford Song .



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