Friday, September 06, 2013

Classical Coins Wikipedia page

There is now a Wikipedia page on Classical coins -- not the coin dealership of that name, but the subject of ancient coins of the Classical period.

The overview of the development and history of ancient coins at this page of the Classical Coins website has been acclaimed as a valuable survey and introduction to the subject. It seemed a pity to leave this resource unknown to those who are interested in the subject, but not in actually collecting these coins. So I decided to make this a Creative Commons resource, and present it on Wikipedia.

Anyone can edit Wikipedia pages, and I hope that knowledgeable readers will gradually add to, revise and edit the content of this page until it becomes the definitive online treatment of the subject.

Some archaeologists who oppose collecting have dismissed coin collecting as mere institutionalized acquisitiveness, without taking the trouble to learn anything about the subject.

In the present confrontation between collecting and archaeology, it will be valuable to have an informative and impressive presentation of the inherent value and contributions of ancient numismatics.



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