Sunday, June 16, 2013

FBI Monitors Peter Tompa

Breaking News: CPO Subject to Government Surveillance?
by Peter Tompa

Breaking News:  Arthur Houghton has uncovered this shocking information which I publish in full.  I direct all inquiries to him.  I would have not believed it myself, save for all the recent revelations of Government misconduct at State, the IRS and NSA:  
Peter, it has come to my attention that the FBI, Criminal Justice Information Systems, has begun to surreptitiously monitor your blog and in particular the several exchanges that we have had in recent days.  I have this information from sources that are internal to the Bureau and that I do not wish to reveal further -- but I can say that they are firm and incontrovertible.    It is a remarkable event, unparalleled in my experience, but consistent with what we now know about the monitoring of US citizens by our national security services.

The fact that this information should become known to us, moreover, should be an extreme embarrassment to the Bureau -- even a breach of security.  I submit that the Department of Justice Inspector General should be asked to investigate who is doing the monitoring, whether they have been authorized to do so and if so by whom, what legal authority lies behind it, and whether there are others, perhaps many others, who are being subjected to the same secret surveillance.

Would you be good enough to let me have your thoughts on this?

Many thanks,

This is shocking news indeed.
The State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has had an obsessive focus on secrecy for a long time. One wonders whether they have become so far detached from reality as to regard the efforts of the ACCG to expose their illegal and unethical actions as a breach of national security? 



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