Saturday, June 01, 2013

Forfeiture Complaint Filed against ACCG Coins

Feds File Forfeiture Complaint
by Peter Tompa

The Federal Government has filed a forfeiture action against the Cypriot and Chinese coins ACCG imported for purposes of a test case.  The forfeiture action should provide the ACCG the opportunity to litigate several of the issues raised in its declaratory judgment action which was dismissed on justiciability grounds.  Click here for a copy of the ACCG_Verified_Complaint.


This is a very significant development.

 As Tompa notes, a forfeiture action must be tried and this means the Government will be subjected to disclosure and deposition actions.

These will finally force the truth to be revealed regarding the Cyprus and China MOU review and approval process.

The question of "presumptive origin" and other nonsensical interpretations contrary to the 1983 CCPIA will also be brought before the court.

Finally, the ACCG will get its long-awaited day in court despite all the malicious skulduggery on the part of the State Department.

This observer believes that nothing will be more important than forcing Maria Papageorge Kouroupas to take the witness stand under penalty of perjury to answer for her crimes.



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