Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Prayer for Change

Coiney Prays for Change

by Paul Barford

A contribution to the Numisma-L coiney discussion forum gives an insight into the workings of a coiney mind. Greg Rehme from Missouri (St Louis area) says:

Germany and France are trying to clean up Greece's mess of over spending and over borrowing now. Maybe the EC will force Greece and other EC States to cut these culture guys from the payroll. We can only pray.

So over in the US Mr Rehme is not one of those collectors who claims they are passionately "interested" and "concerned" about history and culture. All he wants is the cultural heritage preservation systems of what he calls "EC states" to be abolished so he and his fellow collectors can get their hands on lots of the stuff (he seems from the Uncleaned coin list to be a "coin zapper"). ...

So how many other US collectors think that "Yurope" would be better off without cultural preservation?


Once more Mr. Barford insufferably hectors, harasses, insults and denigrates collectors (or "coineys" as he pejoratively refers to them), as though he desires to incite one of these thousands of long-suffering individuals to "take it personally."

I have just come from watching a movie entitled "Full Metal Jacket" starring R. Lee Ermey as Sgt. Hackett, the archetypal Parris Island drill instructor who incessantly hectored, insulted and harassed the miserable mangy maggots he was responsible for making into Marines to the point where one of them finally had much more than enough of that, and brusquely blew him away.

Hmm ... a word to the wise perhaps?


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