Monday, November 28, 2011

Fluff for Brains

US Import Restrictions Only Apply to Illicitly Exported Items

"The accusation that many coineys with educations gained in US schools have fluff for brains seems to be increasingly confirmed by the flow of whingeing pseudo-justifications which has recently been emerging from the milieu."


I shall not (for reasons of both my intense disgust and personal ethics) venture either to identify who it was that said this, or to quote any more of his very defamatory blog post other than to observe that it could only have emanated from an essentially amoral, antisocial individual who in any genuinely rational society would not be deemed fit to be left at liberty (without appropriate clinical monitoring and supervision) to publicly spread such inflammatory poison. Any reader interested in finding out the omitted details will have little difficulty doing that.

The world is really not in any way actually about this remarkably unpleasant man, or his insufferable archaeocentric fixations or his virulent compulsive hatred of the "archaeological establishment" which decades ago dispassionately took his limited intellectual, ethical and professional measure, rationally decided that there was no real potential in him and then cast him upon the scrap heap of history, where those who are unable to succeed are socially recycled to become raw material for those who might in the future perhaps achieve something.

Because reality does not conform to his unreasonable and nonsensical desires, he has in his warped, deluded mind almost entirely withdrawn from reality and instead mentally dwells in mystical, cloudborne Wolkenkuckucksheim, that imaginary dream-world where everything is always perfectly in accord with one's personal desires regardless of their actual sensibility or practicality.

He has degenerated into a miserably twisted caricature of the once idealistic, well-intentioned young man who decades ago entered the field of archaeology as a student. By degrees he has made himself perhaps the closest simulacrum in the real world of Gollum, Tolkien's imaginary creature utterly possessed and consumed by his all-pervading need to recover the Ring, that object in this case being some small modicum of respect from the archaeological establishment that long ago rejected him, and today absolutely ignores him -- seeing in him nothing but an unpleasant and professionally discreditable embarrassment. This cantankerous archaeo-Gollum is today an intensely embittered compulsively ranting crank, whose deluded like can be found standing upon soapboxes in some of the more disreputable public parks, verbosely urging sinners to prepare to meet their doom.

Archaeo-Gollum's essentially insignificant life has by degrees degenerated into a compulsive all-pervading need to utter innumerable repetitive, verbose, turgid rants in an evidently insufficient attempt to find some outlet through which to vent his consuming anger and hate. He really stands for nothing of any social value but conversely stands against almost everything important to humanity, apart from his own outlook on archaeology. No one in his or her right mind would ever imagine trusting this irrational ideologue to propose a sensible solution to any burning controversy. Should he ever attempt to do so, his fire hose would not dispense cooling water but 100 octane aviation gasoline.

There are those who believe (probably because I dare to publicly express my candid views upon his irrational fantasies regarding cultural property law) that I hate him. Actually I don't. I have in truth gradually come to hate his poisonous political and social views, however for the man himself in his private capacity, I am only able to feel sadness and pity. Somehow, I sense that he, like Smeagle, may once have had much good in him.


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