Saturday, November 26, 2011

O Come ye Collectors

O come ye collectors,
Perplexed and indignant,
O come ye, o come ye
Who collect ancient coins.
Archeobloggers deride ye,
Persecute and vilify ye.
Come ye and join us,
Tell us of your troubles,
Join Numismatica.

Join this new group,
We’re here to support you.
O come ye, o come ye to Numismatica.
Come help us find answers,
To refute archaeobigots,
And callous bureaucrats.
Come draft legislation,
To repeal that awful error,
The UNESCO Convention.

Here in our new group,
Together we will triumph.
O come ye, o come ye to join in our war.
Come help repel these
Enemies of collecting.
Together we’ll defeat them,
Together we’ll repel them,
And we’ll continue to
Collect ancient coins.


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