Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's turn the volume down

"The Barford Song"

This bit of disreputable doggerel says something unpleasant about the resentment (and perhaps even hatred) that the metal-detectorist community feels toward Mr. Barford and his constant sniping criticism. In the end it does their cause no credit, tending instead to create an  impression that some metal-detectorists perhaps are not very nice people.

It is remarkable however, that Warsaw document translator and sometime archaeologist Barford (with a rather brief UK fieldwork career and one book to his credit) has stirred up such bitter controversy and strife with his PACHI blog, and excited such intense resentment as this.

Mr. Barford apparently believes the old Hollywood publicist's adage that "all publicity is good." His caustic, confrontational criticism and sarcasm directed toward metal-detectorists, antiquities collectors and dealers does keep his controversial views constantly in the news.

Comments upon these views (and his confrontational approach) are, however, overwhelmingly negative -- raising real doubt whether his utterances actually help to achieve the goals he professes.

Mr. Barford would more effectively advance his cause if he would turn the volume down, and focus on shedding more real light upon the goal of creating a practical provenancing system for ancient artifacts, instead of drowning (as he presently does) every attempt at balanced discussion in a flood of distracting and unnecessary heat.


Blogger Dick Stout said...

I agree that we detectorists tend to get in the gutter when it comes to Barford, but he reaps what he sows.

Trust me when I say I never wanted to know this individual. He found me, my blog, my friends and intruded unannounced with insults and hatred.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Dave Welsh said...

"The Barford Song" and similar uncalled-for derision won't do Mr. Barford the slightest harm. He will actually welcome such inflammatory additions to the controversy surrounding him. Such doggerel will, instead, damage the public image of metal-detectorists.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Hidden History said...

I once tried to reason with Barford, but it fell on deaf ears and he went on the attack, so I show absolutely no emotion for the guy. If he wants to attack me via his blog, where he can sit in the safety of his home, and bully people who just want to be left alone. Then he does indeed reap what he sows.

If he thinks he can just do want he wants with impunity, then he can put up with the crap coming in his direction.

10:52 AM  
Blogger Dave Welsh said...

Paul Barford and his ATA (amazing talking arsehole) emit vast volumes of disgusting flatus, which amazingly does not stink.

Perhaps that is because its boring content is so repetitive and inane.

I realize that Barfy's middle name is not motengator, but really it ought to be.He is by far the most obnoxious motengator I have ever encountered.

If the term motengator is unfamiliar to you, its mathematical definition is

1 motengator = 10,000 mother fuckers


12:08 PM  
Blogger Dick Stout said...

Dave, you are being much too kind.

12:16 PM  

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