Monday, March 21, 2016

Barford the Detectorist

The heritage preservationist community has been staggered by news that archfoe of metal detecting Paul Barford has purchased a metal detector:

While Mr. Barford says that he doesn't actually intend to use his new toy, other than experimenting with it and as a prop, those gadgets (developed from WWII mine sweeping detectors) have proven to be highly addictive.

Who knows, next thing we hear may be that he will be taken in flagrante delicto, out looting archaeological sites with it, or prospecting for hoards of ancient coins.

Meanwhile, glancing out the window, I think I see swarms of pigs flying by ...



Blogger John H said...

Hello Dave:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!I haven't stopped laughing; very funny. Wonderful stuff!

Here's a man who castigates, pours scorn, and insults everyone for not doing the right thing (his version of 'right' that is) and readily admits to buying a 'rip off' copy of I suspect, a Garrett. It's this kind of moral bankruptcy that's feeding the black market in all kinds of dodgy stuff and imports. Then again, cheapos do have a certain appeal for the fiscally challenged.

Ha ha ha ha!

Best regards

John Howland
(Owner of several non 'rip-off' metal detectors)

10:58 AM  
Blogger Dick Stout said...

Given that he knows everything I bet he will be a very successful treasure hunter.

12:09 PM  

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