Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Numismatic Discussion List

I have relaunched a dormant closed list as a new, open discussion list for Ancient Coins. It is similar to the existing Moneta-L list, however the listrules have been modified to include discussions regarding political, regulatory or legal developments affecting collecting of and trading in ancient coins, and to allow dealers up to two sale listings per month. The list archive is open, and may be read by anyone.

I have always believed that political, regulatory or legal developments affecting collecting ancient coins are as important to those interested in collecting ancient coins as any other aspect of this avocation. Without our longstanding, historical but now endangered right to freely collect, trade in and transport ancient coins across national boundaries, collecting ancient coins would soon become impossible.

Everyone reading this message is invited to visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/numismatica and join this new list. Once you have done that, please introduce yourself in a message indicating your interests and topics you would like to discuss.

It isn't necessary to have a pro-collecting viewpoint to participate in this list. Those whose interests focus upon preserving the archaeological record are welcome to contribute their views. They should however realize that most listmembers will be collectors who are unlikely to welcome opinions to the effect that collecting ancient coins should be restricted or outlawed.

Which is not to say that those who hold such opinions should be deterred from presenting their views in this new forum. If one really believes in a principle then in my view, one ought to be willing to publicly stand up for it, even if that isn't popular. I believe that I can claim to have done so and to have resolutely stood up for the right of my opponents to publicly present their views, even though that was then extremely unpopular amongst the pro-collecting community.


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