Tuesday, November 01, 2011

ACCG Appeal Brief Text

The ACCG's 57 page appeal brief, written by Peter Tompa, has now been uploaded to the Unidroit-L files archive. Its address is


Apologies for this extremely long URL which will undoubtedly wrap. The full original url is provided according to my standard archival practice, in case the tinyurl equivalent which follows ever should expire. Here is that address, which will not wrap:


This brief is a very important document, both because of the significance of this test case, and also because it is virtually a legal textbook on the subject of the State Department's biased maladministration of the 1983 CCPIA. Peter Tompa has done a superb job in creating this masterful exposition of the law and the many complex and thorny issues involved. His expertise and wisdom have never appeared to better advantage than in this brief. Clearly, his heart was really in this effort.

Perhaps its most significant virtue (apart from completeness and accuracy) is its impressive clarity and readability.


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