Friday, November 13, 2015

Doxxing and the True Believers

If you don't know what Doxxing is, you are evidently not one of the "true believers" conducting the crusade against antiquities collecting and metal detecting:

There are things which, as the Holy Scriptures inform us, "pass all understanding" [Philippians 4, 7}. Surely the perspective of these "true believers" is one such mystery.

To begin with, it is not obvious at first glance what these "crusaders" actually believe in. There is a good deal of reason to doubt whether they believe in God, as their perspective appears to be essentially Marxist. Let me hasten to observe that they have every right to hold such a perspective, and that Marxism is in reality a philosophy, not merely a political perspective. It is however a philosophy that I do not subscribe to.

But despite uncertainty as to what these "crusaders" actually believe in, there can be little doubt as to what they oppose. The oppose antiquities collecting, except under stringent conditions that they advocate [which would for all practical purposes make collecting virtually impossible]. They likewise oppose metal detecting, except under similarly stringent conditions [which detectorists likewise believe would make their avocation virtually impossible].

It seems clear, from the perspective of the ordinary citizen not initiated into the mysteries of their beliefs, that these crusaders are not distinguished by what they believe in, but rather by what they are opposed to.

It is a real challenge to conduct a "crusade" on a negative platform. The public has a natural human tendency to want to pursue positive concepts which would lead humanity into the "broad sunlit uplands" of life and fulfillment of spiritual needs, and intellectual growth. It is by no means an easy task to lead the public into believing that pursuits such as metal detecting and antiquities collecting are inherently vicious and evil.

These "crusaders" have however addressed that difficult task adroitly. The approach has been one of exploiting the theme of guilt - guilt on the part of collectors and detectorists, and guilt on the part of the public which lacks the social consciousness to restrain such inveterate sinners. Some substantial part of the doctrine of Original Sin appears to have been appropriated for the purposes of this crusade. Eve's apple has been transmuted into the despoliation of THE PAST.

Despite their successes in preaching the doctrine of guilt, these "crusaders" experience frustrations. Such frustrations appear to be intense and to create psychological pressures which can only be relieved by "venting." In this particular case that psychologically necessary process assumes the form of invective, satire, ridicule and a host of other pejorative slanging inflicted upon those who deny the truth of their doctrine of guilt, and oppose their "crusade." This observer has been the target of just about every form of such nasty eruptions from the dismal depths of their dark and twisted souls.

Such eruptions have consequences, one of which is a desire to expose to the public the actual nature of those who carry on this negative "crusade" and who so viciously attack those who disagree with and oppose them. Such exposure has been labeled "Doxxing." It is not only inferred but positively asserted that "Doxxing" has the objective of encouraging intimidation, and perhaps actual physical assaults, toward the "true believers." But the reality is that its intent and goal is simply to place them in context so that the public can accurately judge them.

This seems to be taken as a very unfair and unreasonable thing according to their beliefs. It seems to this observer that such "crusaders" crave darkness and obscurity, so far as their actual persons are concerned, and want exposure only for their polemics against collectors and detectorists.



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