Thursday, February 26, 2015

The New Barbarians: Islam Perverted

Islamic State video shows militants smashing ancient artifacts in Iraq

It is hard to imagine what these "jihadist" terrorists expect to accomplish by publicizing acts of barbarism such as these.

It is even harder to imagine how "socially disaffected" Muslim youths in Western society can believe that there is any justification in the Quran for destruction and defacement of ancient monuments, bookburning, murders of Middle Eastern Christians and similar crimes against humanity committed, seemingly on a daily basis, by these murderous thugs.

Today President Obama is being criticized for refusing to use the word "Islamic" in describing the barbaric crimes of the so-called Islamic State. Neither President Obama nor this observer believe that there is anything truly "Islamic" about them. Their crimes are in fact gross violations of the principles of Islam.

It is now time for the religious leadership of Islam to make this crystal clear. Every Islamic religious leader, from the Ayatollahs in Iran to the Muftis and Imams in Arabia, should unequivocally denounce the Islamic State movement ("Daesh" to Arabic speakers) as a destructive, evil perversion of Islam that all true Muslims should abhor.


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