Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fake Art

Sadigh Gallery accused of passing off fakes as Authenic Ancient Art.

About Us

The reason for this website is to make collectors aware of the fake tourist items Sadigh Gallery is passing off as Authenic Ancient Art. We want everyone to know what this person is doing just to make an extra dollar. Our main focus is to make as many people aware as possible and maybe get some real exposure concerning this issue. This cannot continue! Please spread the word in Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and ask people to pass the post a long. Together we can make a difference, nothing is impossible. Below you will find links to other sites that speak about this heart less crook. Join us in the battle of stopping this person from ripping off other collectors like yourself.

Sadigh Gallery has been in busines for over 30 years selling fake ancient artifacts! A bit to long and it's time to spread the word all over the world!


There have been many allegations made over the years that Sadigh Gallery is selling modern reproductions as authentic ancient artifacts. seeks to expose this practice and to warn collectors against it.

Whether these allegations are true really ought to be adjudicated in a court of law. To date, however,  no responsible authority has attempted to charge Sadigh with selling counterfeit antiquities.

In this observer's opinion, our government's law enforcement priorities regarding antiquities dealers and  collecting are completely irrational and not in the best interests of US citizens. Nothing is being done to protect collectors from the sort of fraud Sadigh is alleged to practice. Conversely, the government is actively campaigning to restrict importation of antiquities into the US from abroad.

It is widely believed amongst those involved in defending the rights of collectors, notably the ACCG, that the long term goal of this campaign is to suppress the antiquities trade and gradually make private collecting of antiquities impossible.

Many archaeologists, whose anticollecting lobbying efforts have resulted in this situation, welcome open and uncontrolled sale of fakes because this tends to destroy confidence in antiquities dealers. It is a sad state of affairs when the ethics of supposedly responsible professionals become so twisted that crime is viewed as being socially beneficial.



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